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Spending big money on ads but not seeing results? Crap content is the #1 reason why your ad-spend feels like you’re throwing hard-earned money in the bin. Stop letting 61% of your customers scroll past your brand and tell a story worth sharing.

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We’re a film & photo production house based in Brisbane, Australia.

Kampai (cheers! in Japanese) is an Aussie production house that prides itself on creating film & photo storytelling that empowers brands. Our recipe is devilishly simple – we develop creative that’s married to both your outcomes and to the stories your customers want to engage with. Through this process, we’re able to out-pace Australia’s best creative agencies by 46% in viewership alone.

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Content that speaks for itself.

We’ve been delivering game-changing results for local businesses like PitmanYugambeh Museum, Brisbane agencies like GrowthOps & Expose Media and national brands like Disney,  Dreamworld, Village Roadshow & Starlight Children’s Foundation (and many more) since 2012.

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